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“We produce organic, and high-quality herbs and vegetables.”

What We Offer

LushVertical multiplies horticulture farming output by utilizing an innovative aeroponics vertical farming methodology with the comprehensive hydroponic management.

Water and water resources is very important for maintaining an adequate food supply and a productive environment for the all living organisms. As human populations and economies grow, global freshwater demand has been increasing rapidly.

Plant breeders, High-tech farmers and scientists use crop diversity to develop new, more resilient and productive varieties that consumers want to eat, that are nutritious and tasty, and that are adapted to local preferences, environments and challenges. LushVertical tries its best to do the same.

We aim to produce organic herbs and vegetables to enrich the individuals' diet.

What does press say about aeroponic farm ?

While vertical farming (VF) enjoys opportunities and rapid growth—bringing the sector significant investment, hype, and hope as a potential provider of global food security—widespread concerns remain about energy costs, taste, nutrition, and VF’s adaptability to a broad range of crops.

Our Commitment

LushVertical’s objective is rapidly to create a reputation and establish credibility.


LushVertical Team

We have a clear purpose, we are passionate and we have a solid foundation and strong values further strengthening us as one team, one culture.

Hamed Fardesalehi

Hamed Fardesalehi

Chief Marketing Officer
Afshin Farhang

Afshin Farhang

Ali Oraei

Ali Oraei

Chief Operation Officer

We are on a mission

Want you know more?

To grow the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity, you can support the change.

Grown in the Canada with love LushVertical’s value offers consumer organic, high-quality herbs and vegetables.

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