Global food shortage is an imminent problem with currently more than 820 million people not having
enough to eat. LushVertical multiplies horticultural farming output by utilizing an innovative aeroponics
vertical farming methodology complemented by the use of specific wavelengths of LED lights complete
with the comprehensive hydroponic management for maximizing plant growth and development serve
as the Company’s competitive advantage. The Company further incorporates (Internet of Things) lOT
technology by implementing wireless sensors for monitoring the environmental variables such as
temperature, humidity, light intensity, water nutrient solution level, pH and EC value, and CO;
concentration. LushVertical’s cutting-edge system further allows 24/7 visibility into the facility,
information-rich dashboard that displays numerous lOT data points and automate fertilizing and
irrigation functions. LushVertical is a vertical farm that produces an array
of edible plants and herbs for domestic and export purposes. The co-founders are investing $300,000
in the development of a vertical farming operation in the Durham Region of Ontario.

Our Commitment

We are transforming agriculture by growing flavorful, organic, healthy food all year round in an environmentally sustainable way. It’s the “how” not just the “what” that is important to us. We believe in using business as a force for healthy life, and put people, planet and purpose first in every aspect of our business. 

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Our Vision.
Our Services.

LushVertical offers consumers organic, high-quality herbs and
vegetables. It also presents retailers with a consistent supply of quality and high-margin produce that enhances their profitability.

Lush Vertical Canada

We are on a mission

Want you know more?

To grow the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity, you can support the change.

Grown in the Canada with love LushVertical’s value offers consumer organic, high-quality herbs and vegetables.

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