Lush Vertical

Grown In Canada With Love


Lush Vertical

Grown In Canada With Love


What We Do: We give more people access to the freshest, tastiest, cleanest, most responsibly grown produce available. Why We Do It? For the health of all people, and our planet. It’s a big job, and we’re up for it.

Accurate Yield Prediction


Our data models have enabled us to better estimate our crop yields, so we can schedule our harvest more precisely, and deliver exactly what’s been ordered. This leads directly to less waste: we ship exactly what’s needed, where it’s needed.

Faster Growing Cycles


Data shows us ways to reduce the amount of time plants needed to spend in their initial growth phase. This means we can grow and harvest faster, increasing overall efficiency.

Less Pathogen Risk


Our produce is grown
in sealed climate-controlled rooms resulting in a fraction of the pathogen risk compared to conventional outdoor farming.

Precisely Delicious Produce


We changed everything about growing food, By tracking precise levels of nutrients, water levels, temperature, and humidity, we are continually learning how to improve the yield of each plant without changing the food. Our produce tastes incredible, and we do it all at levels of precision that are impossible through traditional farming.

Long Fresh Shelf Life


Our facility is near. LushVertical’s produce is delivered to stores 24 hours after packing and grown for superior quality, even long after purchase.

Less Footprints


Our modular vertical farms use land 400x more effectively, thanks to increased productivity and harvest frequency.


Agriculture is long overdue for a technology update. As the world’s population has increased, environmentally damaging agriculture has also increased. LushVertical has redesigned the entire process for growing fresh produce to use vastly less resources, on smaller amounts of land

We are on a mission

Want you know more?

To grow the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity, you can support the change.

Grown in the Canada with love LushVertical’s value offers consumer organic, high-quality herbs and vegetables.

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